The Evidence Is Real, The Atrocities Are Horrendous and Growing

By: Glen Wade (MJNews Journalist)

The Atrocities Are Horrendous and Growing
Central American migrants gather before continuing their journey to the U.S. despite President Donald Trump’s vow.

People, families, migrants begging for refugee asylum, are fleeing Central American violence, gangs, murders, and rapes.One is forced to wonder why the U.S. government policy finds it important to take away actual necessary items like water containers, feeding utensils, and religious items like rosaries.

More than these items, the border agents have been taking away actual legal documents that identify country of origin, birth status, family connections, and other important data.  After taking away the legal documents, the border agents demand proof of country of origin, birth records, and family connections.  Let’s make this very clear.  The people are bringing the important documents in order to have proof of who they are, but the border agents are taking away those documents.

AFTER taking away those documents, the border agents tell the migrants that because they don’t have those necessary documents, the migrants have no way to prove their status, and so they must be incarcerated and taken before the court system to declare they are illegal entrants, and criminals.  Further, with no remaining birth documents, the children have been separated from parents, with no method of ever reuniting the children with the parents.

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These government policies are clearly human rights violations, but the Republican Party, the party in power, is allowing the Trump Administration to do as it pleases without regard to the needs of the real refugees and the needs of families.

The atrocities are egregious and mounting but the United States has even withdrawn membership in the United Nations Council on Human Rights in order to continue to violate the rights of real humans.

Selected and edited for content by Glen Wade, the following is republished with permission from The Daily Kos, Kos Media, LLC.

Former Border Patrol Janitor Collected & Photographed Seized Migrant Belongings

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By Seashells Community  |  Tuesday June 19, 2018, 1:52 PM PDT


Reminiscent of shoes left from victims of the Holocaust. Hauntingly beautiful.

A testament that among those witnessing the atrocities at the border are some decent fellow Americans.A former border patrol janitor collected belongings seized from migrants, quit his job and took stunning and poignant photos. There are more photos at The New Yorker and full article at link:



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