Our Youth Need to Understand and Love Indonesia

By: Juni Levesque, MJNews Media

Our Youth Need to Understand and Love Indonesia Aidit Marxisme
AIDIT, Marxisme-Leninisme, dan Revolusi Indonesia, a book by Satriono P Utomo

My name is Juni Martoyo Levesque.

I would like to explain my beliefs and actions during the past several weeks.

I have been very fortunate during my life. My father and mother believed that I should be educated so that I could have knowledge that would make my life interesting, make me a productive person, and give me the ability to help others who come after me.

I believe very strongly that my country, Indonesia, is a great country.  It has a very interesting and rich history.  The different cultures that make up Indonesia are beautiful, filled with relationships and traditions of how to work with and enjoy each other. Our young people are growing up in a time of very fast changes in Indonesia.I wish for it to be a country that theywill love and understand in the same way that I do, that you do, and others from our past do.

There is so much to learn and to understand about our country.  It has a rich business and legal history.  Our legal system is based upon three parts of our cultural heritage: Our many ancient local traditions that we have gathered and formulated into a law structure, our Islamic sharia legal system that we have combined into our past history, and finally the business common law from our colonialist European history.  These three separate legal systems, we in Indonesia have combined to form a system of law that works for us in a way that nobody else truly understands.  Our history is rich and strong and wonderful.

As these systems and our history has progressed, we have tasted other systems of social order and government, and little bits of them have come into our system and our culture as well.  Among those that we have experimented with along the way, are communism and Marxism.  Other places in the world have used those as their full systems, but they have done so in ways that would not be good for us.  Russia has in the past century based its government on the Marxist-Leninist Communist system of social order and government, but it did so while also banning religious organizations.  Currently, Russia is not a communist country.  It has tried to become a democracy but has evolved into an actual Oligarchy and a virtual dictatorship with the leadership of Vladimir Putin. We in Indonesia have recently gotten away from dictatorship. China decided to change from its long past with family dynasties of Emperors.  In the 1940s under Mao Ze Dung, it became a communist country.  Under the Chinese communist rule, it also promotes atheism so that it would not be in accordance with our religious beliefs.

Communism, however, does not need to demand atheism. Communism can be used for a governing principle while the people can still be believers in Allah or be good Hindus, or Christians or Buddhists.

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This does not mean that I personally want Indonesia to become communist.  I want Indonesia to be a good democracy.  But, our world, and the countries around us have histories that our young people need to understand if they are going to be knowledgeable and to compete intellectually and in business issues.I am not a person who is trying to find a way to overthrow my government.  I am not a person who is trying to do away with the religious beliefs of our Indonesian citizens.  I am a person who wants our young people to become knowledgeable in order to understand and compete in this world.

I believe in our young people, and I want to see them become educated and knowledgeable in the history and culture of Indonesia.  I want them to become educated so that they understand the world around them.  I want them to be able to compete on an equal or better level with other young people who live and are educated in other countries around the world.

I am privileged to have been educated because my father believed in education and believed in me.  I want to do the same with the young people of this neighborhood, this city, and this country.

Our young people are just as intelligent as any other young people in the world.  They deserve to have the knowledge that helps them understand how other people are living and why other people do things in their cultures.

I have provided a place for the young people to come together for discussions and for learning.  I am not trying to make them into rebels.  I want them to know the rich wonderful history of their own country, and why this country is like it is now.  But these young people will be our future, when we are dead and buried.  I do not think it is wise to withhold anything from our history that they need in order to understand this great country.

When I asked them what they wanted to study and to discuss, they chose the book that is now under great scrutiny and disfavor.  This book was written by one of our own young men.  He is a good scholar.  He has done a great work in bringing together this history.  He has written about a man and the beliefs of that man.That man believed he was helping this country.  The author of this book is a young man with a truly great intellect, and a love of this country, Satriono Priyo Utomo.  He is 28 years old and already has so much understanding and has written this book about our history that has taken him a lot of time and effort. It is history. It is Indonesian history. We cannot be afraid of our own history. Our youth need to know our history and to know why we are like we are now.

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The book that Satrio P Utomo has written is “AIDIT, Marxisme-Leninisme, dan Revolusi Indonesia.” It is not written or studied to destroy Indonesia. It is not for making the young people rebel and overthrown the government. It is a book about our history. It is a book about a man who had a great deal to do with our history, Ahmad Aidit.  He was a real man in Indonesia.  He had a wife and family of five children. He lived in a time of struggle to become independent from the Dutch and others who were controlling Indonesia and taking the natural resources of Indonesia for their country.  Aidit wanted an Independent Indonesia.  He believed in one method.  Others believed in different methods.

There are other histories and books written that are very good that also write about our history with the communist issues and the PKI.  Those books are available for our young people to read at any time.  They are on the internet and if we try to tell our youth they cannot read, we will make them turn against us.  They will not understand why we do not trust them and believe in them.  They have a thirst for knowledge.  Islamic history has been a history of knowledge. The world does not remember that Islamic mathematicians and scientists had some of the most advanced understanding in the world.  Baghdad was known for its great knowledge and its great schools.  We need to make that happen in Indonesia for our youth today.

Our young people are very intelligent and need to know about our past and the men who struggled to find freedom for us.  Sometimes those things did not turn out good.  But, they happened and they are part of our history and just studying them will not make our young people bad, or atheist, or rebels.

I want to be known as a person who loves Indonesia and wants to pass our history and our knowledge to the next generation who are just as intelligent as we are. They love this country just as much as we do. They will take over this country one day soon.  Time goes by very fast.  They will be our future very soon.  I want them to be ready with all the knowledge they need.  That is my purpose. I have no other purpose that is bad or harmful.  I am a Muslim woman.  My education did not turn me into a bad person.  I do not believe education will turn our young people into bad people.

Please allow our young people to learn and to discuss and to think about our past, our present, and their future.


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