2018: The Good and The Bad

By: Glen Wade, MJNews Journalist

2018: The Good and The Bad

2018 has been a good year, but it has also been very tragic for several parts of Indonesia.

I lived in Indonesia and I grew to love Indonesian people and Indonesia’s many wonderful cultures. Indonesia exists in a wonderful place in the earth’s environment. It is situated in the warm equatorial part of earth and gets enough rain so to grow food, but also to grow beautiful trees and other greenery and beautiful flowers.

The tragic parts of 2018 came because of something else that exists in Indonesia’s environmental area. Indonesia exists together with a line of many volcanoes, some on land, and some in the waters that border the hundreds of Indonesia’s islands. Because of the volcanoes, sometimes, villages inland come under attack by the spewing poisonous gases, the super-heated lava that flows and burns anything in its path, and the large amounts of ash that covers the land and the villages.


If the volcanoes are in the water, the violence of the explosion can cause tsunamis. Another cause of the tsunamis that hit Indonesia are the movements of the tectonic plates deep in the earth. It was the movement of the tectonic plates in the sea Northwest of Sumatra that caused the terrible tsunami of the end of 2004 that destroyed Banda Aceh.

The recent tsunami that caused the terrible destruction of West Java was, apparently, a collapse of underwater caverns of Anak Krakatau.

So, from me and from the people of the United States, we are so very sorry for the people of Sulawesi, Lombok, Java, and the other places in Indonesia that have experienced the natural mighty forces of nature this past year. Our hope is for a more stable nature and a peaceful year for Indonesia in 2019.

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